Accelerated Service

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We are proud to offer the Accelerated Service Express Diagnostic Program at our facilities. 

We understand the value of timely answers to repair questions for your business and our goal is to get you answers quickly to minimize vehicle downtime.


What is Accelerated Service?

The accelerated Service Express Diagnostic Program is a rapid diagnostic service designed to speed up the repair process through quick diagnoses and timely parts ordering.

How does this help you?

Getting diagnostic information and repairs completed or estimated and scheduled sooner allows for quicker decision making and better business planning.

How does the Accelerated Service work?

Diagnoses* - Upon arrival, the dealer will have a diagnostic technician evaluate the vehicle within 2 hours and provide a Diagnostic Advisory.  In some cases, the issue can be diagnosed and repaired within the 2 hour window getting you back on the road immediately.

Parts Availability - Ordering required parts prior to order-cut off times is a critical part of managing vehicle downtime.  So, once the issue is diagnosed and the parts requirements are known we determine the availability of those parts in order to facilitate an expedited and efficient repair process.

Communication - After diagnosing the issue and determining the parts status, the customer is given an update within the 2 hours window.

The Diagnostic Advisory is not intended to be conclusive in every instance.  Additional diagnoses may be necessary to determine the exact fault.  The Diagnostic Advisory should be used to communicate the severity of the issue and help with the planning and scheduling to get the vehicle back in service as soon as possible.

Please note that not all repairs and issues are eligible for Accelerated Service as some conditions apply.  Basic PM requirements, body shop repairs, local fleet with spares may not require, multiple line repair orders, and scheduled repairs or known outcomes or issues (i.e.: brakes) are ineligible for the Accelerated Service Express Diagnostics Program.